Accessibility and Disability

Accessibility and Disability

Accessibility and Disability

We have tried to be considerate to the needs of patients with a disability - but if you think there are things we could do better, please let us know!

If you, or someone you know to be one of our patients, needs information in a format which is more easily accessible - please let us know!  We will flag the medical records accordingly.  We can produce information in a larger font, prompt use of our induction loop, book an interpreter or whatever would help.  Please see the separate section on "Accessibility Information" for more help.


There is ramp access from the main (Morrisons) car park to the surgery - it goes behind McDonalds and comes up behind the pharmacy.

There are four disabled parking bays in front of the health centre.

The access from the path to the surgery is flat and the electric doors will open automatically as you approach.

Disabled toilet facilities are on your right hand side as you come through the main surgery door.

There is a lowered counter to the left of the reception desk.

We have some high seat, high backed chairs with arms to make seating and standing easier for those who find getting up difficult.

We have a portable audio loop at the reception desk - please ask if you would like to take it into the consulting room with you.

We can book sign interpreters with notice; two of our reception staff have attended sign classes but are not qualified to a sufficiently high level to intepret in consultations.