Finding further help and advice

Finding further help and advice

Looking after young children

There is an app developed by the local NHS network to help parents and carers of young children.  Go to your usual app store and search for NHS child health.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

There are some very useful websites which can help you with advice on wellbeing.  We recommend  where there are leaflets and worksheets to help you with range of problems.  The leaflets on anxiety and depression are particularly good. 

North Tyneside Primary Care Psychological Therapies now has a .  It gives information about the therapies they use and the groups and courses which are available.

Eating Disorders

NIWE aims to give help to people in the North East whose lives are affected by eating distress or eating disorders. 

North Tyneside Talking Therapies - Self Referral

Patients can self-refer for Talking Therapies by phoning 0191 295 2775

This service also offers free access, through an activation code, to the computerised self-help treatment programmes "Beating the Blues" to manage low mood and "Fear Fighter" for anxiety symptoms with the addition of planned, regular telephone support from a CBT coach.

Living life to the Full a computerised user-friendly training package based on the cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) model that aims to alter unhelpful thinking and actions that commonly occur during times of stress.  You can sign up FREE here - Living Life to the Full

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health A self-help programme for stress, depression, and anxiety which works on building confidence, coping and wellbeing.  Relax Now includes 2 free tracks designed to help you enter a deep state of relaxation

Students may find this site helpful - it explores topics such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking 

Young Minds: for children & young people and parents – information and resources about mental health and emotional wellbeing  ttp://                                                                                                          Parent Helpline 0808 802 5544

Papyrus-Uk are an organisation dedicated to preventing suicide of young people.  

Call: 0800 068 4141

Text: 07786 209697


Streetwise (Newcastle): advice & support service for young people aged 13-25 years including anxiety & depression, bullying, feeling bad about yourself, stress, relationship difficulties, loss of someone close to you, sexuality issues, parental divorce or separation, any traumatic experience or anything else that is worrying you. They provide counselling either face to face, via instant messaging, email or Skype.                                                                                   Tel   0191 230 5533                                                                                        

 N2L Never too late: a service for young people from 9 to 18 years who live in North Tyneside and are experiencing difficulties as a result of drugs and alcohol            Tel 0191 6438802                                        


Teenager – Family Lives: for parents – information, advice and support on different issues you might face when parenting teenagers including drugs/alcohol, relationships, behaviour and bullying                                                                                             Helpline 0808 800 2222                                                                                               

ChildLine: a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19, including people who are being bullied                                                                         Call free on 08001111

Good quality booklets and leaflets are also available from  - the leaflets on depression and alcohol are ones we use reguarly but you will find many others to help.We also use these booklets (which you can download yourself) from - there are a good range of booklets on all aspects of mental health.

Mental Health Matters offer a Local Rate confidential helpline service from 6pm to 6am 7 Days a week for any adult in the North Tyneside area.
The number is 0845 601 2458, which is a Local Rate Phone Number. Anyone experiencing emotional distress can use this service to receive emotional support, guidance and advice.

The Telephone Helpline consists of a team of highly trained and experienced support workers who use counselling skills to provide you with emotional guidance and information.

You might choose to call us if:

  • You may be feeling low, anxious or stressed and feel talking to another person might help you cope
  • You may be in extreme emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn
  • You may be caring for another person and finding it difficult to cope.

Contacting the Helpline can give you a feeling of relief, wellbeing and peace of mind. You won’t be judged and our service is confidential unless we consider that there is a risk to yourself or others.

Other health problems

A local support group set up by the Freeman Hospital and its patient has a useful website .  You can find information about their activities and how to contact them by following this link.

We use in the surgery to print off information leaflets on a range of topics - you can take a look and see if you find it useful too.

If you or a member of your family has asthma there is an excellent site  It has useful advice on preventing and treating attacks, and can help build up your knowledge about keeping well.

Domestic Violence is often an unseen problem but it affects more people than you may think..... look at for help and advice for yourself or someone you know.

People who have problems with their health or mood and who are socially isolated can often benefit from developing an interest or taking up an activity.  There is a service in North Tyneside that can help with this - which is run by Age UK.  If you feel it may be of use to you, your doctor or nurse can fill in a referral form to get you started.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (or those who want to understand more about the condition) can find useful help at

You might also like to read the information under the header "Be Self Care Aware" - this has links and leaflets about how to look after the Top Ten conditions which people see their doctor about (from back pain to cough, dry skin to fever).

We have acquired a new range of leaflets to help you understand common health problems.  They are in the surgery near the consulting rooms.  Do help yourself to any you find of interest.